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General Information
Lid - The top half of the case. The dimension of the inside determine lid size and depth.
Base - The bottom half of the case. The dimensions of the inside determine base size and depth.
Lid Stay - Case option that keeps the lid from falling
Hinge - Secures the lid to the base. Allows the lid to be raised and/or removed. Hinges come in different sizes and styles to suite your specifications.
Valance - This is the framework of the case and its components. The various sizes and styles of valances solve specific strength, security, and aesthetic needs.
Handle - Handles are available in many styles for easier case carrying
Latch - From simple to complex, elegant to practical, a variety of latches are available to keep your case closed and secure.
Foam - The insert that secures and protects the contents, Foam Products can help you select the material and layout which will best protect and display your products.
Hardware - A general term for the handles, wheels, latches and all other accessories that help make up a case.